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Since 1977

Teeter Irrigation, Inc. was born in 1977 with the first location operating out of a garage.  If you asked Monty Teeter (owner) what his purpose was in 1977, he most likely would have said he was just trying to make a living.  He grew up on a farming and ranching operation in Southwest Kansas, where the Teeter boys learned a work ethic that served them well when they struck out on their own.  That work ethic was shared by the employees of Teeter Irrigation, and they did whatever it took to satisfy their customers.  That commitment resulted in astronomical growth through the years.



By 2014, Teeter Irrigation had grown to nine full-service branches and four parts depots.  The company became the top center pivot dealership in North America.  Owner, Monty Teeter, has been recognized as an industry expert, and has innovated new products and systems in the industry.  One of those being a product called “Dragon-Line”.  2014 was the beginning of an organizational revolution at Teeter Irrigation as well.  Employees participated in a pioneering process that asked them to look 30 years into the future. “Making Every Drop of Water Count” became the Company’s Purpose, and they are continually striving to reach that goal at Every Location, in Every Department, with Every Employee, Everyday!



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